Stay Involved!

Share your experiences and encourage others to enjoy the benefits you've just gained by staying involved with Lattitude as an Ambassador.  There are a variety of ways you can remain active and ensure as many young Australians as possible have the opportunity to undertake a challenging and rewarding volunteering placement.

With crucial support from our returned volunteers we talk directly with Australians around the country, spreading the word about our program and the opportunities available to volunteer with us.  As you would be aware, it is really beneficial for those considering applying for a Lattitude placement to hear from a returned volunteer about their experience.  There are also ways in which you can remain involved behind the scenes, assisting in selecting new volunteers and supporting international volunteers coming to Australia for a placement.
As a Lattitude Ambassador you will inspire young Australians by sharing your own experiences and stories in a variety of forums.  Lattitude staff provide full training and support and assist you every step of the way.  Public speaking can be a little daunting initially, however many of our Ambassadors find their confidence builds quickly with each event and enjoy sharing their experiences with groups of interested people.  The different ways in which you can be involved include:

  • Information Sessions & Expos - share your experiences with interested students at their school in your area, at a local careers expo, your university, community group, at a Lattitude Information Night or any other appropriate forum. Talk guidelines and supporting materials, eg brochures and PowerPoint presentation, are provided before all presentations.

  • Pre Departure Sessions - attend a session arranged for groups of new volunteers prior to their departure, such as a Pre Departure Briefing and Teaching Skills Course, with Lattitude staff and Ambassadors in your area and provide helpful suggestions, tips and advice about how the volunteers can prepare for their placement and time overseas.

  • Local Media - contact your local media outlets with our support, eg newspaper, radio station, community news, and arrange an interview to discuss your volunteering experience and placement opportunities available with Lattitude. Media training will be provided and a draft press release supplied to assist you in making contact.

Alternatively, if public speaking isn't quite your thing, you might like to help in crucial ways behind the scenes as an:

  • Local Representative - Each year approximately 150 Lattitude Volunteers arrive in Australia each year from the UK, Europe, Canada and South Africa to undertake placements around the country in schools, at outdoor activity camps and in environmental conservation. If you've been back from your placement for a few years and have the maturity to meet with hosts and volunteers and provide assistance to both parties, become a Local Representative. As a Local Rep you will become a support person for a small number of international volunteers placed in your area. This may involve calling the volunteer in their first week of arrival and following up with a visit at their placement within the first month. With established rapport you may also provide ongoing advice and assistance as needed and arrange social get-togethers from time to time.

  • Peer Supporter - respond to queries via email, telephone, Facebook etc from volunteers who are either preparing for their placement overseas or who are at their placement. You may find yourself providing ideas about what to pack or ways of overcoming homesickness after arrival.

To express your interest in remaining involved as a Lattitude Ambassador please contact your Volunteer Coordinator or the Lattitude office on (03) 9826 6266 or

Our address

PO Box 5404
Melbourne, VIC, 3004


Volunteering Again

If you would like to do another placement with Lattitude you may benefit from a multiple placement discount!

We offer the following fee reductions:

  • 70% discount if you stay on for a second consecutive term on the same placement or move directly on to a different placement in the same country

  • 25% discount on a second Lattitude placement when taken within five years of completing your first placement

For more information on these discounts, or to discuss the possibility of multiple placements, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator:

Tel: (03) 9826 6266